Chicken Stir Fry

It's a bestseller for a reason, meet our signature Chicken Stir Fry Bowl. This delicious and satisfying meal that will keep you full and energised throughout the day.


Egg Noodles, Steamed Chicken Breast, seasonal Steamed Veg, Teriyaki Sauce, Sesame Seeds, Kale

Egg Noodles

Calories: 443 | Kilojoules: 1852 | Protein: 33.3g | Carbohydrate: 58.4g, sugars: 14.9g | Fat: total: 6.8g, saturated: 2.0g | Sodium: 647mg

Calories: 500 | Kilojoules: 2090 | Protein: 44.1g | Carbohydrate: 58.4g, sugars: 14.9g | Fat: total: 8.3g, saturated: 2.6g | Sodium: 672mg

Calories: 571 | Kilojoules: 2387 | Protein: 57.6g | Carbohydrate: 58..4g, sugars: 14.9g | Fat: total: 10.2g, saturated: 3.3g | Sodium: 698mg