Vietnamese Style Pork Meal



Brown rice, light soy sauce, fish sauce, lean pork mince marinated with fresh coriander, ginger, herbs and spices, seasonal vegetables garnished with bean shoots. 


Nutritional Information

With Carbs

  • Standard: (Protein: 22gr | Carbs: 25gr | Fat: 10gr | Cal: 278gr)
  • Medium: (Protein: 33gr | Carbs: 25gr | Fat: 15gr | Cal: 367gr)
  • Large: (Protein: 44gr | Carbs: 25gr | Fat: 20gr | Cal: 466gr)

Without Carbs

  • Standard: (Protein: 22gr | Carbs: 11gr | Fat: 10gr | Cal: 222gr)
  • Medium: (Protein: 33gr | Carbs: 11gr | Fat: 15gr | Cal: 311gr)
  • Large: (Protein: 44gr | Carbs: 11gr | Fat: 20gr | Cal: 410gr)

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Please allow approx 2-3 working days before requiring meals.

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