Lean Lamb Meal

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Nutritional Information

With Carbs

  • Standard: (Protein: 26gr | Carbs: 25gr | Fat: 10gr | Cal: 294gr)
  • Medium: (Protein: 39gr | Carbs: 25gr | Fat: 15gr | Cal: 391gr)
  • Large: (Protein: 52gr | Carbs: 25gr | Fat: 20gr | Cal: 488gr)

Without Carbs

  • Standard: (Protein: 26gr | Carbs: 11gr | Fat: 10gr | Cal: 238gr)
  • Medium: (Protein: 39gr | Carbs: 11gr | Fat: 15gr | Cal: 335gr)
  • Large: (Protein: 52gr | Carbs: 11gr | Fat: 20gr | Cal: 432gr)

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Please allow approx 2-3 working days before requiring meals.

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