All Healthy Lifestyles Start with Healthy Mindsets

In this day in age we all want the overnight change, but the reality is that in order to lead a healthy lifestyle it involves much more than the latest diet trend, or fitness fad.

With being healthy it is easy to channel in on tangible things such as how we look in our clothes, our clothing size, the scales and how we look in those photos our friend has uploaded of us on facebook. Usually our reaction to this is some what of being dramatic with us taking up extreme and strict diets, crazy training routines, basically we go from 0 to 100.

The reality is when it comes to decreasing your body fat percentage and toning up those diet trends and crazy workout routines are not sustainable long term. With the numerous amounts of studies that have been conducted on diet trends the results are in, they’re ineffective. The university of Melbourne conducted a study in 2011 into diet and weight loss and found that it can fail due to regaining weight, or the “bounce back” and the people studied were found to place a greater obsession on food after. So, where do we go from here?

You are the change!

If we are honest with ourselves our current shape of body type we desire to change is the direct result of our poor habits, lifestyle and choices when it comes to nutrition and fitness. In saying this, lets also not pretend that starving ourselves or overtraining to the point of exhaustion is sustainable or enjoyable. With both of these points in mind we have to look beyond, look deeper on how we can remedy this. The answer in short is mindset. To fully understand this weight loss, nutrition, eating habits, training and enjoying it encompasses a total life change that promotes balance and a physiological health and positive self image. Over all reach out goal has less to do with cardio, carbs and calories and more to do with our mind set. Ideally it’s all about a mindset, reset. Once we can reset and develop a positive mind set the results will follow.

Habits are happiness!

We are creatures that are driven by emotion and our goals and desires are usually derived from them. Major goals with emotional attachment are more likely to be accomplished than merely saying “I want to fit into those jeans”. Our values drive us to push and overcome. Given this simply having a basic desire such as wanting that ideal bikini body isn’t enough to promote a significant shift in mindset, where as the desire to be fit and healthy so you can be more active parents is a much deeper emotional goal that will resonate deeper than a basic desire.

What will aid us in achieving a shift in mindset for the long term is changing our goals. Find deeper emotional meaning to them. Our perception to nutrition and food should be one of nourishment instead of loathing, viewing exercise as a reward to enhance the body rather than punishment, food prep as a creative activity rather than a chore. All of this is resetting your negative mindset associations with positive reinforcement.

In summary

  • Long term goals (health, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition) are more achievable when you reprogram to associate them with positive mindset.
  • Goals with a deeper value and emotional connection will always trump short term desires.
  • Ensure your goals are not to easy, but not to hard where as you’ll burn out before achieving them.
  • It takes 31 days to create a habit, a habit builds a routine and a routine will achieve a goal, so stay committed and be consistant.

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