As a professional athlete and a busy mum of three children, I understand the importance of a balanced & nutritious diet, not only for myself but my family too.

I’ve designed a range of fresh (100% none-frozen) meals, using organic produce from our farm in Wanneroo, Western Australia, wherever possible.

Healthy Power Meals are suitable for every body, women, men, children, athletes and families. They are nutritious and convenient grab & go meals tailored to your needs and goals.

The start of something big

It all began when I was prepping for my own fitness competitions. I started researching companies throughout Perth who could prepare my meals for me, due to the lack of time I had available. After several weeks of searching, I was really surprised that I couldn’t find anyone local that met my requirements. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of people offering a ‘frozen / ready-made meal’ solution, but that wasn’t what I was after. I wanted fresh vegetables accompanied by local produce that not only was delicious, but would be perfect for my custom meal prep.

It was at that moment I saw a gap in the market for freshly made meals that would compliment my custom meal prep requirements, as well as offering healthy and delicious meals to like minded individuals.

We were already growing our own fresh fruit and vegetables at our family farm and had all the tools and equipment available for cooking and preparing fresh food at our family business – so it all started to really make a lot of sense!

I have always had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and just love cooking throughout my fitness journey. The knowledge I have gained over the last 20 years, understanding first hand what’s required, not only with prepping meals for a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, but also customising tasty meals for athletes has proven so valuable with the service and advice I offer all my customers.

In a few short months word had quickly spread, not only about the quality and nutritional advantage, but I was getting a lot of comments that “…it just tastes so good!..”

A ‘one woman show’ has now turned into a dedicated team, who are passionate about preparing fresh meals for Perth families and local work places.

I still maintain a very active role in making sure everything remains at a very high quality. I will be your first point of contact, and personally answer all your questions and suggest appropriate meal plans to suit your individual requirements. No two plans are ever the same because I understand we all have different needs, goals and circumstances.

What I love about my job

Technically I don’t see it as a job, because I truely love what I do. The positive feedback I receive each day is my fuel to strive and keep pushing the boundaries! I love when customers/clients come back each week with a massive smile, feeling healthier from the inside out! It makes my long hours all worth while.

I have always been driven and motivated not only in my work life but also to be the best version of myself. To lead by example for my children.

Anything is possible when you put your mind to it, Age is just a number!

Vesna’s Achievements

  • Entered my first fitness competition in 2014, loved it so much I competed in a few more local Perth competitions, all with podium finishes
  • 2015 competed with The WBFF Australia, earned my Pro status/card
  • 2016 The WBFF World Championships in Toronto. Super proud moment sharing the stage with some of best athletes in the world, an experience I will cherish forever
  • 2018 competed at The WBFF Australian Pro championships. Another proud moment and personal achievement.
  • I now have my sights on 2022 & 2023 WBFF World Championships

Proudly representing Cellucor as an Australian ambassador.

Media Appearances

  • Oxygen Magazine
  • Inside Fitness Magazine
  • Local Newspapers
  • Radio Talk Shows
  • Holding motivational talks in local schools sharing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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